Interactive Geophysical Modeling

IGMAS+ assists in integrated processing and three-dimensional (3D) interactive modeling of gravity and magnetic fields, yielding improved geological interpretation. IGMAS+ 3D models are constructed using triangulated polyhedra to which constant density and/or induced and remanent susceptibility are assigned. In the background a voxel cube is automatically defined allowing for arbitrary density or susceptibility distributions.

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Realtime Modeling

WYSIWYG – Interactive modifications of model parameters like geometry, density and susceptibility are directly linked to numerical calculations and are als visualized in near real-time. So changes of both calculated and measured gravity and magnetic fields are directly fed back to the expert and enable the interpreter to design much more realistic geo-models.


IGMAS uses triangulated polyhedrons to model areas of constant physical parameters. The exact solution of the gravity potential is provided for this triangle model. IGMAS+ also allows the parallel use of voxel-grids, allowing for flexibel parameter distribution like an exponential increase of density with depth. Both Models, triangles and voxels, are automatically kept consistent by the software with no time delay.

High Performance through latest technology

The OpenCL™ technology makes tremendous speedup possible. Use the emergent potential of heterogeneous platforms consisting of CPUs, GPUs, and Cloud Computing and do calculation hundreds of times faster.


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