March 2010


Kiel, Germany, 17. – 19. März 2010

Mittwoch, den 17.03.2010
Prof. Dr. M Goodchild (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA): The Changing Face of GIS

Donnerstag, den 18.03.2010
Prof. Dr. H.-J. Götze (Institut f. Geowissenschaften, CAU Kiel):
“Von “Rocks” und “Bytes” – von der Datengewinnung zur Dateninterpretation von Satelliten-Missionen.”

Freitag, den 19.03.2010
Prof. Dr. R. Koch (Institut f. Informatik, CAU Kiel):
“3D Scene Reconstruction and Visualisation from Image Data”


Diploma Thesis about “semantic search on geo-scientific text document” by Benjamin D. Gutknecht

Combining ontologies and the use of natural-language-processing algorithms (text-mining), specific computer-based search engines gain the ability to categorize text contents. When a user searches for scientific documents of a specific domain, such pre-sortation can lead to significant time-savings. Simultaneously, the hit rate on many concepts increases due to an ontology “knows” synonyms: Documents containing term-of-interest synonyms become listed alike – even if the user does not explicitly search for synonym terms or does not even know the synonym terms actually exist. Hence the ontology may offer users significant improvements in efficiency and completeness of their work with respect to the growing field of CCS.