February 2013

4 Selected Scientific Papers on Gravity and Magnetic Modeling

There is an increasing number of scientific publications highlighting the potential of Gravity and Magnetic Modeling in research and development.

  • A. Folguera et al.
    Retroarc extension in the last 6 Ma in the South-Central Andes (36°S-40°S) evaluated through a 3-D gravity modelling
    Journal of South American Earth Sciences (2012)
  • J. Mechie et al.
    The distribution of Moho depths beneath the Arabian plate and margins
    Tectonophysics (2012)
  • W.A. Sonibare et al.
    Basin analysis and petroleum system characterisation of Western Bredasdorp Basin, southern offshore of South Africa: Insights from a 3D Crust-Scale basin model
    EGU General Assembly (2012)
  • S. Schmidt et al.
    Hybrid modelling of gravity, gravity gradients and magnetic fields
    Geophysical Prospecting (2011)