June 2013

11. Freiberger Forum für Geoinformationstechnologie

Freiberg, 20 june 2013
Meet PotetialGS Team at the “11. Freiberger Forum für Geoinformationstechnologie 2D und 3D Technologien in der Praxis”. Michael R. Alvers will present IGMAS+ and a new concept for:

  • Semi-automated Topology-Conserving Geometry Optimization of Voxelized Triangle Models by means of Covariance-Matrix-Adoption Evolution-Strategies


We are proud to present PRISM in IGMAS+

We have added another feature to calculate the gravitational effect from seismic models described with PRISMS like e.g. VOXELS. The implementation helps to speed-up calculations by a factor of about 200. For example are calculations which needed 1 day now done in 7 minutes.