May 2014

PotentialGS at the 76th EAGE Conference & Exhibition

Dresden, Germany, 24 May 2014
Dear partners and colleges,

Potential Geo Services will present the gravity and magnetics modeling software platform IGMAS+ at the 76th EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Amsterdam June 16th through 19th. Throughout the conference we will demonstrate the latest features and all new plug-ins.

Be amongst the first to discover new features like:

  • Hybrid modeling combining the advantages of both, triangular, vector-surfaces, shaping polyhedrons, and voxel-grid based representations.
  • 3D-deformation tool allows modeling directly in 3D, combining with an optimizer for geometry inversion, supporting an interactive inversion workflow.
  • Extraction of very complex bodies from voxel-cubes and transforms it into triangle surfaces.
  • Speedup performance of a factor of several hundreds can be achived with modern graphics cards.
  • Calculations of lithospheric stress and gravitational potential energy on interfaces and in constant depths.
  • Seamless integration of the NASA WorldWind SDK visualization framework for GIS-like integrated visualization of models.
  • Timeline based project management facilities.
  • Integration of secure cloud computing for public and private cloud environments.

We will be happy to answer your questions and tailor you a software bundle which addresses your specific needs. So take the opportunity and drop by our booth 3006. We are keen to get your comments and your valuable feedback since customer needs are our driving development force.

Best regards,
The PotentialGS team