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Modern geophysical interpretation requires an interdisciplinary approach, particularly when considering the available amount of ‘state of the art’ information contained in comprehensive data bases. A combination of different geophysical surveys employing seismics, gravity and geoelectrics, together with geological and petrological studies, can provide new insights into the structures and tectonic evolution of the lithosphere and natural deposits. Interdisciplinary interpretation is essential for any numerical modeling of these structures and the processes acting on them.

The Science Where IGMAS+ Helped

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From Airborne Data Inversion to In-Depth Analysis

Aim of the work is to generate user-oriented information from geophysical data, convert the physical and quantitative descriptions of the subsurface, for example, the conductivity, density, susceptibility, etc., in spatial structures and information so that the experience and understanding of the user correspond. These are structural geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers and others. The implementation will be supported with automatic numerical process, a realistic 3D visualization and process understanding, which takes into account the appropriate spatial structures.

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Semantic search for the Geo sciences

Semantic search stands for the next generation of search technologies beyond keywords. Using knowledge in the form of semantic networks – also known as ontologies – has two significant benefits: the completeness of results is guaranteed and ultra-fast filtering of relevant results becomes possible. Transinsight develops solutions for intelligent semantic searching also for the Geo Sciences.

Go Earth

GoEarth the first semantic search engine for the Oil and Gas industry (Prototype). Ontology based on SWEET (